Friday 4 - Sunday 6 October 2024

Sunday 1st October, 2023

8:30 pm | 60 mins

£ 8

Ceredigion Museum – Education Room


Archived show

This show is from a previous year's festival

Can’t remember what was going on in October 1997? Wondering what major event you missed in October 2011? In this special live edition of their comedy-history podcast, Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears look back at two key months in Xennial history.

A Xennial is someone born between 1977 and 1985, straddling the analogue and digital worlds – but this show is open to absolutely everyone.

Whether you enjoy geeking out on history from the Information Age or you’re just keen to find out what you should have been paying attention to in those specific months – this is the show for you! But be prepared for Gareth and Esyllt’s memories of the 90s in particular to be very GCSE-based.

Gareth Gwynn is a Xennial.

He’s also a comedy writer, radio presenter and producer. He’s co-writer of the sitcoms Ankle Tag (BBC Radio 4), Tourist Trap (BBC One Wales) and Bull (Gold) and he’s written for The News Quiz (BBC Radio 4), The Now Show (BBC Radio 4), Top Gear (BBC Two), We Need To Talk About (Spotify), Have I Got News For You (BBC One), and Armstrong and Miller (BBC One). When he needs people to think he’s a Millennial he tells them he’s worked for Spotify, and he can pass as Gen-X by saying he co-wrote The Goodies 2019 comeback special for Audible. He’s also made a documentary about Harry Secombe, meaning he can also pass for a Boomer at a push.

Esyllt Sears is a Xennial.

She’s also a stand-up comedian and comedy writer, one of the presenters of the Comedy Club (BBC Radio 4 Extra), and is a recent co-host of Jake Yapp’s unwinding (also BBC Radio 4 Extra). She has performed on BBC Radio 4, BBC One Wales, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio Wales and on S4C. She has also written for The Now Show and The News Quiz (BBC Radio 4); Elis James’ stand-up special and Welsh sketch series (S4C); Welcome Strangers and What Just Happened? (BBC Radio Wales); What Just Happened? (BBC One Wales); and The Rest of Us (BBC Radio 4).

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